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Established in 2002, block play is an Australian owned and operated business with a passion to provide Schools, the Early Childhood Sector and parents with high quality, ideal and age appropriate learning resources that will stand the test of time on a daily basis with larger groups of children.

To achieve this, block play adopted the philosophy of taking the time to listen to teachers and educators to gain a better understanding of what was needed in learning resources.  This philosophy has enabled block play to develop our own specalized range of sustainable learning resources designed around the “Loose Parts” and “STEM” formats to support teachers and educators to achieve the following:

  • To nurture young children’s developing conceptual understandings.
  • To provide quality learning opportunities that scaffold a child’s learning.
  • To develop, plan for and provide high quality, developmentally age appropriate programs.

For further information, refer to our page title “Pedagogy”.

We do not buy and re-sell the latest, mass produced toy trends.

block play has designed Australia’s only STEM Building Block System™ for children.  A creative, open ended, hands on learning resource that enables children to obtain a solid foundational understanding of mechanics, engineering, technology, mathematics and artistic design.

All our learning resources are manufactured from sustainably sourced bamboo and beechwood in ISO9001 accredited factories in accordance with International Quality Guidelines AQL 1.5/4.0 and have been independently tested and certified to meet  Australian / New Zealand Standard  AS/NZS 8124 as well as ASTM F963+CPSIA and EN71 International Standards.

The models displayed on this website have been developed and constructed over a number of years. Occasionally some older models may appear with blocks that are no longer in production. These older models can be constructed by substituting blocks from our current STEM Building Block System™ as well as pieces from our range of accessories.   


Why Bamboo?

  • Bamboo is a light, tough and durable natural resource.
  • Bamboo grows up to 12 times faster than trees and can be re-harvested every 5-6 years.
  • Bamboo needs only half the water than trees when growing.
  • Bamboo needs no pesticides or fertilizers when growing.
  • Bamboo absorbs up to 4 times more greenhouse gas than trees.
  • Bamboo returns up to 35% more oxygen to the atmosphere than trees.
  • Bamboo is unique with its own anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties.
  • Bamboo is one of the world’s most sustainable natural resources.

Why Blocks?

Building blocks have long been acknowledged by teachers and educators throughout the world as one of the most powerful and effective educational tools for learning.  Building blocks enable children to learn and develop the essential skills of critical and creative thinking, literacy and numeracy, analytical problem solving, communication and collaboration needed for school and life.  Playing with building blocks engages and stimulates all areas of the brain to aid in the formation and development of information and processing pathways.  Through the activity of block play, children develop a deeper understanding of the following concepts:


Area, volume, size, order, shapes, numbers, measuring, estimating, fractions, stacking and piling, sorting and grouping, adding and subtracting, length and height, width and depth, short and long, equal and unequal.


Gravity, force, weight, balance, stability, planning, textures, spatial awareness, cause and effect, action and reaction.


Labelling, rhyming, oral language, sentence structure, developing vocabulary, using writing, creating stories, dictating and recalling stories, describing objects and structures, making and using signs and symbols.

Creative Development

Symmetry, patterns, designs, logical reasoning, abstract thinking, problem solving, spatial visualization, finding new solutions, sensory exploration and self expression.

Physical Development

Visual perception, eye hand coordination, body awareness, strengthening fingers and hands, bending and building upper body strength.

Social and Emotional Development

Competence, success, autonomy, initiative, equality, negotiation, compromise, leadership, responsibility, emotional release, making choices, building confidence and self esteem, co-operating and working with others.


What an awesome product! Having two boys, we’ve seen many toys bust and break within a few days. These items are very well made and sturdy. After several weeks with our two they are still going strong and look as good as new.

Chris and Tracy-Anne

We had a particular direction in mind when setting up our first Kindergarten service and wanted high quality, long lasting resources that would open countless possibilities for the children. Since purchasing the blocks we have also come back for the bamboo cars, counting board and animal figurines. Block play is an integral part of the children’s play and the bamboo blocks have added a new direction to the children’s constructions. They also tick lots of boxes for us towards our sustainability and natural elements visions. Not only are they durable, open ended and natural, they are beautiful to hold and use. A fantastic resource for any room. The Block Play bamboo blocks have not disappointed and we would happily recommend them to other services.

Janet Schluter – Peace of Mind FDC/CK

Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions of our website are subject to change without notice.

Pricing and Design

Current prices are available on request through the Wish List tab.  block play reserves the right to change the product pricing, products and logo designs without notice.

Ordering and Payment Details

Customers can email their orders at:  sales@blockplay.com.au 

We will contact you regarding the approximate date for delivery and the cost of freight. A tax invoice will be issued clearly identifing the GST as a separate component.

Payment terms for approved account customers (Kindergartens, Pre-Schools, Early Childhood Services and Schools) is 14 days after delivery of your order.

Product Care

Our educational resources are designed for indoor use under responsible adult supervision. Before engaging in play, it is the responsibility of the supervising adult to carefully take into account the age and the nature of the child/children when selecting any of our products. We recommend that all hands and play areas to be clean and free from sand, dirt and grit as these materials are natural abrasives that can cause scratching. Products should never be submersed in water. Products can be wiped over with a damp cloth and dried thoroughly before packing away. A regular application of natural furniture oil is recommended. Over a long term basis, we suggest that products should be lightly sanded before applying natural furniture oil.

Change of Mind

Please choose carefully as block play do not provide a refund if you change your mind or have made an incorrect product selection.

Product Warranty

Our educational resources are manufactured to the highest standards possible in accordance with International Quality Guidelines – AQL 1.5/4.0 and have a 30 day manufacturing warranty. Please inspect your products upon delivery.  Customers are entitled to a replacement if they receive any product that maybe damaged or has any manufacturing faults outside AQL 1.5/4.0.

Claims regarding manufacturing faults should be forwarded by email with the Tax Invoice number and photographic image within the 30 day warranty period.  On verification of any claim, block play will bare the cost of any product approved for replacement.

This warranty does not cover any product that has been damaged as a result of accident, misuse or rough and inappropriate play.


We believe the information on this website is correct at any given time. No representation or warranty is given regarding the accuracy of stated information.