STEM Projects

This page has been created to provide teachers and educators with a series of visual tools that will enable them to introduce children to the fundamental basics of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. 

When used in conjunction with each other, The STEM Building Block System™ creates an exciting learning experience.  As children explore this unique educational resource, they begin to understand that every building, every machine and every vehicle consists of individual components that are designed to operate together to achieve a particular outcome.

The STEM Building Block System™ enables children to obtain a solid foundational understanding of mechanics, engineering, technology, mathematics as well as artistic design before they progress to the more complex field of coding.

Steven Kidney-Brooke

Product Designer

block play

  • Click on the STEM Project you would like to print images from
  • Click on the image to be printed from the image slider
  • Click “Print image” at the bottom left hand corner of the image
  • Go to File and select Print and follow the prompts