KB71 Assorted STEM Building Blocks + Tray 71 pieces

Designed by Steven Kidney-Brooke from block play as a table top activity to introduce smaller groups of children to the inspiring and creative world of loose parts play.  The KB71 Assorted STEM Building Blocks is a beautiful compact collection of smaller shaped blocks selected from Set A, Set B and Set E from our STEM Building Block System™.  The KB71 Assorted STEM Building Blocks consists of 26 mathematically compatible shapes, totalling 71 building blocks and is the ideal forerunner to our more complex STEM Building Block System™.  Over many years, this set has been highly recommended by numerous Doctors of Education, Academics and Teachers as a must have staple learning resource for Schools, Early Childhood Services, Playgroups, Family Day Care Services and Homes to introduce children to the fundamental principles of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics as well as Artistic Design.  Manufactured from 100% sustainable bamboo, carbonized and finished with water based non toxic lacquer and presented in a finger jointed tray for convenient storage and handling.  This beautiful tray measures L: 60 x W: 32 x H: 6cm and is manufactured from sustainably sourced beech wood.

All models displayed have been constructed using only 1 x KB71 Assorted STEM Building Blocks along with some blocks from KB6 Bamboo Fences and KB12 Multicultural People.