The STEM Building Block System™

The STEM Building Block System™ consists of our five individually priced sets of STEM Building Blocks.  Designed without nuts, bolts or screws, all of our sets have been mathematically calibrated to the standard unit block size:  3.5 x 7 x 14cm. 

The STEM Building Block System™ helps to create a culture where STEM is valued and programmed for, offering children high quality age appropriate, hands on experiences where the high expectations of children can be engaged to develop foundational understandings in meaningful, inquiry based and authentic experiences.



The STEM Building Block System™ enables and supports young children to develop in;

  • knowledge/understandings
  • skills
  • dispositions
  • feelings

as they engage in in-depth investigations of phenomena around them worthy of their knowledge and understandings.  The STEM Building Block System™ is an ideal and age appropriate learning resource that has been designed for teachers and educators to enable children to obtain a solid foundational understanding of the principles of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics as well as artistic design before they progress to the more complex field of coding. 

Early childhood education possesses the potential for rich engineering and technology education, but this has gone largely unrecognised.  The STEM Building Block System™ can support educators in integrating STEM into learning and education settings that is rigorous and relevant for early childhood students, respectful of the ideas and capabilities of young children and rich with the possibility of enhancing the education of the whole child.  

The STEM Building Block System™ design process is defined as the engineer’s approach to be able to first identify and then solve a problem.  This approach is interactive, open to possibility of multiple solutions, a context for rich mathematical, scientific and technological conceptual development and an inspiration for systems thinking, modelling and analysis.

The STEM Building Block System™ promotes children to be able to explore and create increasingly complex designs that work within the governing properties of physics as they slot block to block using cylinders and rods.  It allows educators to extend the learning by selectively adding materials to inspire children to incorporate these into their constructions and explore such concepts as force and motion, speed, weight and cause and effect. 

The STEM Building Block System™ allows the child’s actions to reveal that they can construct beyond a visual representation to an actual structure.  Children are able to employ details of their physical environment.

The STEM Building Block System™ consists of five individually priced sets;  

Set A   Wheels & Axles – 24 pieces

Set B   Construction Small – 112 pieces

Set C   Construction Large – 40 pieces

Set D  Arches & Bridges – 40 pieces

Set E  Base Plates & Solids – 44 pieces

These sets enables children to move from the activity of block play into the more complex and challenging activity of block building.  This essential educational tool is ideal for teachers and educators to introduce children to the fundamental principles of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.  Children are drawn into a deeper level of cognitive thinking as they begin to explore the unlimited creative potential that awaits them as they slot block to block using cylinders and rods.

The STEM Building Block System™ is an indispensable learning resource for today’s educational needs.  Critical and creative thinking, literacy and numeracy as well as analytical problem solving, communication and collaboration needed for school and life can be developed and enhanced in children as they conceive, define, plan and construct more elaborate three dimensional structures such as machinery, vehicles, robots and skyscrapers.

The STEM Building Block System™ is the must have learning resource for all aspects of education ranging from Schools, Out of School Hours Care, Before and After School Care and Vacation Care through to Kindergartens, Pre-Schools, Early Childhood Services, Family Day Care, Home Schooling and Play Groups.

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